Sunday, April 13, 2014

Isaiah 40:31

Man, where has the time gone!! I missed another week of blogging!  I'm housed up in the Starbucks on campus today, enjoying an iced caramel macchiato... and semi-enjoying this apple fritter.  It's been a long weekend here in Starkville.  This weekend was Super Bulldog Weekend, so the town was filled with visitors (including myself) and events have been going on non-stop!  My legs are exhausted.  You know that exhausted feeling where you are not actually tired (sleepy tired), but your body is completely tired and worn out?  That's my body right now.

I just wanted to hop in and say hi today, honestly because I missed it last week!  Every night was busy last week and I just didn't make my way to the computer.  I'm hoping to get some scheduled posts up today though so I don't neglect this space for so long!

I have a lot of events going on this week that I'm super excited about.  Here's to hoping I'm a decent enough blogger to take pictures and have blog worthy material!  I have an event on Tuesday night to raise money for a local child that was diagnosed with Pompe Disease.  There will be a silent auction and free food/drinks.  You have to buy a ticket to go, but that ticket gets you entered in a drawing to win.... *drumroll* A DISNEY VACATION! or.... A CRUISE!! So yeah, not only am I giving money to a great cause, I may leave with the greatest prize ever!  I'll keep you posted!  Thursday night, Collette and I are going to a Sushi making class at Whole Foods, so I seriously plan on blogging about that!  It could be a success or a failure, who knows!?

Anyways, I'm off to plan a trip and to work on some blog posts while I have the time - your daily dose of inspiration is the bible verse below!  Enjoy and have a great Sunday!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Because I'm happy!

When it comes to all things inspiring, a list of 32 things that make me happy just seems to cut the cake!  Luckily I ran into Meg's post and ta-da, here I am to link-up as well!  Sarah is hosting this fabulous link-up today and I'm excited to share!

Let's just get through the obvious....
{1} Disney
{2} Reese's
{3} Nick
*not necessarily in that order*

Now... moving on!

{4} Planning and making lists and checking off lists
{5} Vegan double-chocolate cookies from Whole Foods

{6} Baseball games and the great weather that comes with it
{7} Road Trips!

{8} Sharpie Pens
{9} A killer workout class with no judgement and lots of sweat
{10} Paying bills way in advance.  I am so satisfied when the money is out of my account and I know exactly how much I have to spend without worrying about bills in the future
{11} Spontaneous lunches with people who make my heart oh so happy!  i.e. Nick's sister-in-law sent me a text the other day to do lunch very spur of the moment and it was a glorious time had by all
{12} Doing small things for people, but knowing that they mean so much more than what they cost.  i.e. another example with Nick's sister-in-law.... I went to Whole Foods the other day for lunch and picked up an extra cookie to drop by the school she teaches at.  Cookie= $1.25, Her Happiness + a mid-day hug= Priceless.
{13} Dreaming Big!  Dreaming about the place I want to be in 5, 10, 20 years and all the places I want to visit and explore.
{14} Any and all presents from Nick - he just gets me exactly what I need or want even when I don't realize it's what I need or want!  My goal for this year was to buy him the best presents yet because I always feel like I'm slacking in that department where as he's always spot on!  So far - So good.
{14} Clean House, Clean Laundry.  I feel caught up with life when that's finished.
{15} Gifts on my doorstep that I don't expect.  It's such a beautiful surprise!
{16} A rainy day where I get to stay indoors and listen to the pitter-patter of raindrops while sipping on coffee and making cookies and watching movies!
{17} My sweet little Pomeranian pup!

{18} A clean face with zero pimples - seriously, pure joy during those times!
{19} Nick's Spicy Sausage Penne Pasta.  (obviously, mine is minus the meat these days, but it's still SO GOOD!)
{20} German Chocolate
{21} Natural sun-kissed skin that I get when I'm wearing sun-screen throughout the summer but still spending lots of time outside.  I protect my skin, but still get a beautiful glow
{22} Those 3 weeks in between every "girl-time"
{23} The satisfaction that comes from raking leaves
{24} Being an inspiration to others and encouraging others!
{25} Dunkin Donuts coffee & donuts

{26} Papa Johns Pizza late at night w/ garlic butter
{27} A spoonful of peanut butter
{28} Fast computers
{29} When my boss tells me I did a good job or I did something right - I'm all about words of affirmation!
{30} Mickey Mouse Pretzels!!!!!!!!!!!

{31} A lazy evening that includes a bottle of wine and a favorite movie
{32} Blogging.... at least for now ;) Honestly, you never know when that will change lol

What makes you happy?!

Monday, April 7, 2014

With just a bit of pixie-dust, maybe I won't give up!

A lot of things made tonight a really great night.  First of all, when I got off work I went home and got a good run in.  Nick and I are of course doing a challenge because we both need to get our rears in shape!  We're doing 100 miles in 100 days, but it only counts when you reach your pace goal.  My personal pace goal is a 10:15 mile.  Nick's is something absurd like 8 minutes and something seconds.  So far I'm at 3 miles complete.  So I did 2 miles today and it felt good.  After my run, I came home to a birthday card in the mail from my best friend who now lives in Colorado and a sweet birthday care package from my blog bestie, Meg, that was filled with tons of fun things to enjoy this week (more on that later)!  I also went grocery shopping tonight, which always makes me happy!  I got some great stuff for lunches this week and enjoyed one of my egg & cheese bagels for dinner.  Right now, I'm blogging and watching Tangled.  You see?  Great night!

Now, I'm having a difficult time with something at the moment.... you remember that bike ride I'm doing to raise money for diabetes?  Yeah, me neither pretty much!  Just kidding, I do remember it... because y'all, I'm sort of freaking out!  I've only raised $37 out of the $200 I MUST have in order to even ride!  On top of that, I haven't trained at all.  It's a month away.  Now, let's be honest.... I told them that there was no way on this green earth that I will survive a 50 mile bike ride in a month, so now I'm signed up for the 25 mile bike ride.  I think I'll be able to manage.  The truth is though, I'm not very motivated to do it at all.  I'm pretty sure that Nick and I are going to Florida immediately after the race (his brother is moving there, yay!  More Disney for us!) and I just don't want to trek my bike back and forth or have to get a place to stay in NOLA (because our free place fell through).

So today's INSPIRING topic is about "pushing through" because clearly, I need this talk myself!  When I did the Disney College Program, I was tempted to quit more times that I can count on my hand.  I didn't though... I pushed through.  Granted, I pushed through because of the amazing people in my life who convinced me to stick it out and seriously, I'm so grateful for that encouragement!  I specifically remember sitting at dinner one night, at my favorite pizza place in Orlando, Flippers, and talking with Nick, his brother, and sister-in-law when they were in town for Spring Break.  At this point, I was dead set on leaving.  I don't exactly remember the precise words his brother used, but they were so compelling that I knew I'd end up staying (even though I didn't want to).  I have no doubt it was something along the lines of regret because that is truly what it boiled down too - I was certain I'd regret leaving.  Now, that wasn't the last time I thought about leaving... it came up a few other times, but in the end... I'm so thankful for the conversation and the power it had to keep me at Disney.

*I may use my Disney College Program experience a little too much these days lol, oh well*

With just a little bit of pixie-dust, maybe I'll reach my $200 limit & be well-trained for the race!
The question is.... Will I regret not doing this race?  Chances are, I will.  The cause is close to my heart - my best friend growing up dealt with and continues to deal with Diabetes.  The money is going towards the education and resources for diabetes education.  I'll get a good 25 mile workout from it right before sporting my swim suit in Florida.  Basically, I need to stick it out.  I need to push through.  I will feel better about myself and the cause if I do it.

Do you struggle with this?  Do have a situation where you gave up on something and ended up regretting it?  Do you have a situation where you didn't give up on something and you're thankful that you did?  What about..... a situation where you gave up and you DIDN'T regret it?

Any words of encouragement will be greatly appreciated as I continue to "push through" and raise money for a great cause while training for this 25 miles!   By the way, if you haven't donated, but would like too (even something as small as $1 or $5 will be greatly appreciated!), then CLICK HERE!  Or... if you have a free place for me to stay Friday night, May 9th, in New Orleans, that would be appreciated as well!

Y'all have a wonderful Monday evening, go make your life better by watching a Disney Movie!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Perfect Time for Training!

Happy Friday!  I'm looking forward to a great weekend, hopefully you are too!! Here in Mississippi, the weather is FINALLY starting to warm up and I'm getting myself outside for some great runs.  I will admit though, it's not exactly easy right now. Over the past few months, I've barely worked out.... ever since the worst race of my life, I've been completely unmotivated.  Luckily, as a vegetarian, I eat pretty healthy, so I haven't gained a ton of weight, I've been pretty steady, but I'm ready to get my butt in gear and lose some of this extra weight I don't want.

I personally prefer a good run outdoors.  This is why I'm so excited it's finally warming up enough to thoroughly enjoy an outdoor run!  I thought it would be the PERFECT time to share with y'all a few training plans in case you're looking to do a race in the coming weeks.  Hopefully this will inspire some of you who have been afraid to get out there run to just do it!  For others of you who have been there and done that, maybe you're looking to amp up your next race to a half-marathon or full-marathon.  Or..... maybe you're like me and want to get way out of your comfort zone and do a triathlon! *kudos to you, by the way!*

When it comes to a good training plan, I look for a few different things:
- Easy to read.  Maybe that's lame, but I like to look at an appealing schedule.  Not one that is difficult to understand, looks crowded and junky, and doesn't get me excited about the program.
- Lots of cross-training.  I don't believe you can successfully train for a good race without a decent amount of cross-training involved.  You need to build up your strength to improve!
- The source.  It depends on who the source is as to whether or not I'll use the plan.

I found a good plan for each type of race below, so you don't have to go searching for your own.  Maybe all it'll take is me just mentioning it to you to realize that yes... you should grab one of these training plans to get started on that workout routine for the summer!

5K Training Plan

10K Training Plan
10K Intermediate Training Plan

Half-Marathon Training Plan

Full-Marathon Training Plan

Triathlon Training Plan*
*Not a big fan of how this training plan is displayed because it doesn't have lines dividing the sections, but I think this would have been a great training plan for my beginning tri that I did last year.

Happy Training friends!! Hopefully your weather is beginning to cooperate as well!! I'm off to Starkville this weekend, lots of relaxing and great friends in store for me!  They have Relay for Life this weekend too, so I'll more than likely be out there for that!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

4 Things I Learned From My DCP Experience

I know it's no shocker to each and every one of you that I love Disney.  I did the Disney College Program a little over 2 years ago now!  As I reflect on my time at Disney, I realize that I could have done a lot of things differently.  Knowing that I can't relive the past and I can only learn from my mistakes & experiences, I have come up with a list of things that my experience during the Disney College Program taught me!

{Relationships make all the difference}
I left for Orlando and I knew NO ONE.  Not a single person.  I knew who I'd be rooming with via face book, but i took the plunge into the Disney Abyss with not a soul to help me along the way.  Disney was not an easy experience for me.  I can assure you that I considered leaving the program more times than I can count.  Relationships make all the difference though.  If it were not for some of my roommates and if it were not for mainly this guy right here, David, plus his roommate Austin, I would have left.  I would have said good-bye and been gone from Disney forever!  I stuck around though because these people made it worth it.  When I was depressed or upset, David and I would go out to the parks.  He was always up to do something - no matter how exhausted he might have been from work or how annoying I might have been at any given time - he was my buddy and he helped me get through.  I hated my job.  HATED IT!  If David didn't work along side me, I would have been out of there faster than I can say "Humbug".  Those relationships matter to this day though.  They would not be as strong if it were not for the length of time I spent at Disney.  I continuously keep up with David and my roommates.  When I went through Gainesville on my way to Disney last November, we stopped and had dinner with David and some of his friends.  When I head out to Texas, I try to get together with my roommates there.  David and another roommate of mine are heading back to Disney this summer to work and I will be there to visit them, no doubt!  For me..... and my difficult experience.... relationships made all the difference in the world.  I'm so grateful for that!

{It's good to get out of your comfort zone}
Like I said.... I didn't know any one when I left for Orlando.  I was scared out of my mind!! I always had big dreams for myself that I would do something like this, but when it became a reality, I was devastated.  I realized though that this experience - WAY out of my comfort zone - was one of the best decisions of my life.  It challenged me to figure out who I am, not based on my family, not based on Nick, but based on ME.  It encouraged me to take a leap of faith.  It forced me to make friends and put myself out there for others.  It taught me things that I like and don't like about myself.  Disney made me jump outside of my comfort zone and although it was scary, it was one of the best things for me.  Now, when I'm timid or freaking out, I remember that being outside of comfort can be good and instead of resisting, I should embrace it.

{You can use mistakes as a learning opportunity}
I made mistakes throughout my Disney College Program Experience.  One of those being how I handled some situations with my roommates.  Others being not taking advantage of where I was and the opportunity I had.  I definitely learned from my roommate situations.  I realized there were better ways to handle certain controversy.  I saw some qualities in myself and in others that I didn't like and knew I didn't want to continue or mold in to.  One of the biggest mistakes I made though was not allowing my experience to be all it could be.  There were days when I sat in my apartment, alone, depressed, and frustrated.  I wish I had gone to the parks more, put forth more effort to visit friends at work and experience Disney for myself when no one else could join me.  Now, I strive to take advantage of those moments.  I let some of the greatest days of my life pass by without realizing that they were that.  I learned to appreciate my surroundings and the people I'm with at any given time.  I learned to find the positive in each situation.  I used the mistakes I made at Disney as a learning opportunity to live my life differently.

{You're never "too old"}
Do you ever feel like you're too old to do something?  Walt's desire was to teach everyone, of any age, that they're never too old.  As a 24 year old, I love Disney!  I love Disney movies, I love Disney parks, I love Disney.  Period.  I will never be too old to love Disney!  You have dreams & ambitions?  GREAT!  You are not too old to achieve those (or too young!).  We're too often told that our time has passed, that we're too old for something, but I don't believe that anymore.  I didn't expect as a 22 year old, to fall in love with Disney like I did.  To allow myself to live care free like a child.  It was an exhilarating experience.  I'm not too old for anything!  I will be 80 years old and still love Disney - maybe I shouldn't ride some of the rides for fear I'll have a heart attack lol, but I will never be too old to experience Disney and the child-like feeling it brings!  Like I mentioned above, it goes the same way for when you feel "too young" to accomplish something.  Just remember that age is not a factor when it comes to achieving your dreams and living the life you want to live!




What is an experience that you learned a lot from?  Any lessons I should know about that will help guide me in my future?

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